Katya Kavaleva On Mycast

Katya Kavaleva On Mycast

Someone posted a comment mentioning some fighters here on WMMARANKINGS. Fans had been left disgusted seeing Gabi Garcia beat down on a 49 yr old woman.31 yr old Gabi Garcia (four-zero-0) is a Brazilian heavyweight fighter who is signed to the promotion RIZIN FF . She is 6″2 foot tall and walks around at roughly 245 kilos.

katya kavaleva

Kavaleva is a former heavyweight kickboxing world champion.“toughest feminine in this world” and has “dared” any woman in fight sports to face her. She promises Garcia would stand “no likelihood” in opposition to her, and says “none of her fights have been good and I’ll just crush her“. Kavaleva stand at 6″5 ft tall and is a kickboxing world champion, as well as a seasoned champion in karate and taekwondo.

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It now seems Gabi Garcia had indeed blocked Kavaleva on Instagram, but quickly unblocked as soon as the media became conscious of the state of affairs to be able to save face. Kavaleva tweeted out to Garcia after the accusation saying “stop with the bs guys I was blocked last night time and so was my supervisor and for six months rizin all excuses“. As well as mentioning an image she had posted on her Instagram web page, which indeed reveals she was blocked. Last night time Garcia and Kavaleva took part in a heated trade on social media, which resulted in Garcia deciding to dam the kickboxing magnificence on Instagram according to Kavaleva’s consultant. Garcia quickly responded on Twitter, accusing Kavaleva’s staff of mendacity “I no blocked her, this isn’t true” followed by a pictureshowing she was not currently blocked.

We present official World MMA Pro Rankings in all active women’s divisions. Bringing you all the newest information, results, interviews and every thing WMMA. Opening Women’s heavyweight division is essential to reduce mistrust concerning the “circus present” during which Gabi appears to be a contractual protagonist. If Rizin desires to protect some remnant of respect around the globe, Gabi Garcia must face Jazzy Gabert. And If Garcia beat Jazzy, she must face Katya kavaleva too.

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