About us

New Sourcing Markets provides market intelligence that assists buyers in finding suppliers in these emerging markets: India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Each report on New Sourcing Markets offers importers:

Verified export manufacturers lists of suppliers with verified contact details
Product features & pricing information on the latest trends in product features and pricing
Market intelligence coverage of current industry developments with insights into R&D and production hubs
Top-selling products images of popular export models

New Sourcing Markets is a website of the Hinrich Foundation.


About the Hinrich Foundation

Merle A. Hinrich established the Hinrich Foundation with the mission of promoting sustainable global trade.

The Foundation believes sustainable global trade promotes economic prosperity and peace. It aims to encourage individuals, the private sector and governments to drive innovation and competitiveness in trade-related activities by focusing on three program areas:

Trade Career Development

Through the Hinrich Global trade leader development program, we work with companies that drive international trade and universities to develop next-generation leadership talent for the export sector. For people who aspire to grow their careers in trade, we offer fully sponsored master’s degrees and careers upon graduation. In partnership with export-focused companies, conjunction with our business partners, we sponsor educational opportunities for students from across developing Asia to build the knowledge and practical skills necessary to participate in global trade.

Export Trade Assistance

We offer practical trade services to promote and coach producers on how to participate more effectively in global trade.

International Trade Research

To advance productive trade relationships between countries through open, fact-based dialogues, we initiate thought leadership research, elicit opinions and disseminate information about global trade to encourage informed debate and balanced policy making.

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